NEW TITLE: Basketful of Fragments

  • Attractively illustrated with period sketches
  • The first full-length treatment of the author          in more recent times
  • An insight into a Victorian woman's life
  • Of special interest to Scottish readers for        her 40 years of contributions to           Blackwoods' magazine

The Remarkable Mrs Oliphant

Krystyna Weinstein's 'fictional autobiography' of a prolific Victorian author draws on her memoirs, her letters, the hundreds of pieces she wrote for Blackwood's Maga and her contribution to the Annals of that publishing house. 

Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897) was a Scottish writer who, after the early death of her husband, brought up her three surviving children single-handed on the earnings from her pen.

A novelist, biographer, art critic, literary reviewer and travel writer, she met many of the leading figures of the day and, as this book reveals, had strong views about her 'rivals' and the society in which they moved.

The complex woman who emerges from this compelling imaginative reconstruction of her life finds herself on the cusp of conflicting attitudes towards women's liberation at a crucial moment in its development.  Despite her fierce sense of independence, and a recognition of the injustice of women's subservient role in society, she resists championing the militant feminists of her time whilst nevertheless touching on the issues in her novels.

Chronology may be seen as a straight line or as a circle, she muses, but life has no such rigid formulae for her: "It is more like fireworks exploding into the sky - not unlike Whistler's painting so famously denounced by Ruskin as 'flinging a pot of paint in the public's face' ".

Title: Basketful of Fragments

Author: Krystyna Weinstein

Publication date: May 2011

Publisher: Pomegranate Press    


Size: 135mm x 190mm portrait    

Extent: 230 pages

ISBN 978-1-907242-17-5

Price: Paperback £7.99 + shipping costs: 

UK (including shipping) £9.99     

Europe (including shipping) £11.99        

Rest of the World (including shipping)£13.99


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